About PP2

Passepar2 is my own little writing corner and I’d like to share it with you.

Like when you grab your leather bound journal, your favorite smooth ink pen, your fedora and galoshes and tramp down to the local coffee shop without the free internet because you know there will be significantly less douchebags.

This is where I spend about an hour every weekday morning getting my brain juices warming and my fingers loose. I don’t promise it will be earth shattering. I don’t promise it will even be good. But I do promise it will be plentiful, and in that way, I think I win.

And who is I? I is Leah Peterson. You can find out many mind-numbing facts about me on my website, Leahpeah, if you so desire.

Join me! Create your own little corner, join our groups, make some friends and keep writing a little bit every day.

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